Jean Black

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Portland, OR
Site: Black TGirls

I met Jean Black through her girlfriend, Jaime Royale. She’s got an amazing, toned body with chiseled legs, a tight muscle butt, and an 8 inch long cock.

She loves to go hiking up in the hills and being in nature. She’s all about being naked outside. She hangs out the nude beach and doesn’t mind all the people staring.

She likes video games and sci-fi TV Shows.

She loves tattoos, and definitely men covered in tattoos. She plans on covering herself up in tattoos as well.

When it comes to sex, she’s kinky, wild, and versatile. She wants to be totally dominated and thrown around when she’s the bottom. Being tied up, choked, even pissed on(!) is fair game for her. Whatever the guy wants.

She is definitely willing to turn the tables when she’s on top.

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