Sirena Blonde

Photographer: Dave Khull
Location: Spain
Site: Black TGirls

Hello friends. My name is Sirena and I am French nationalized in Spain. I am 27 years old and I am a dancer and model. My favorite food is the Valencian paella. I have a lot of friends in Spain and I love staying with them to go on a trip. I work at night . I like parties very much but I am a very healthy girl. I do not have boyfriend. I would love to meet a boy who has the same tastes as me and who treats me like a queen. I am an only child and nobody has given me anything in this life. I have achieved everything by my effort and sacrifice. It is the first time I pose for an erotic website and the experience has been fantastic. I hope and I can repeat. I hope you like my photos and videos very much. I wish you peace and love.

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