pet 939

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Eugene, OR
Site: Bob's TGirls

Hello! I am pet939. I currently reside in Eugene Oregon. I was born in the lovely state of Utah within the nice cult of Mormons. I have been very active in local kink communities. Eventually I started my time in the filming field back around 2016. I started to film BDSM scenes as a submissive and I learned that I loved it. This happens to be one of my first not strict BDSM scenes which I think I learned pretty quickly from.

What makes me fun is I am into way more than I am not. My top fetishes have to be Bondage, Anal, Gags, throat fucking and gangbangs because more the merrier the list goes on. I want experience a bukka, being passed around like a toy, get to test my endurance tied to a fucking machine or even spit roasted by 2.

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