Racy Tracy

Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: Seattle, WA
Site: Bob's TGirls

Who am I?
I’m the girl you see on the street and fantasize about later because you were too scared to talk to me. I’m used to it, though (and I definitely saw you looking). I’m 6′ tall; with lots of ink, attitude, and ass. Why Racy? Because I’m provocative; and it rhymes.
I’m a Florida girl that spent 20 years kicking ass around the globe but now I’m in the PNW and living my dream life. Right now, life really just consists of poker, porn, looking hot, and chasing sunshine. I can have a fun time anywhere because I truly enjoy just talking to people. But it’s definitely more fun getting to know someone at the beach, at a baseball game, or in a pool hall.
I’m used to being in charge and getting my way. As with any alpha, my submission has to be fought for and earned. But don’t worry, this shewolf still loves to romp, bite, lick, and play on a regular basis.
Oh, and I howl at the moon.

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