Valorie Valentina

Photographer: Xena Kitty & Kelly Quell
Location: New England
Site: Bob's TGirls

Hi hi 💖
I’m Valory and I’m the most submissive bottom you’ll ever meet. After I got kicked out of an all boys high school for sucking dick, I did the only thing my big sis would approve of…… sucking even more dick!

Now I’m a girl who likes cooking, fashion, and getting fucked brainless by anyone and everyone. Send me a message if you want “anyone” to include you 😉

When I’ve run out of dicks to fuck, I like to watch sissy hypno with my pathetic little cock in a tiny cage where it belongs.

Swipe right to give me a fresh load of cum today 🤤 Swipe left if you wanna make me cry 😢


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