Venus Rose

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Denver, CO

Venus is a 6’0″ Scorpio who keeps scorpions and other creepy-crawly little animals. She even has the most venomous species of scorpion on the planet. As fast as scorpions are, we’d better hope it doesn’t get out!

She’s a gamer. Her favorite game is Destiny 2 because of the well-written story. She can read about it for hours and hours. Magic the Gathering, Apex Legends, Gundam Evolution, and many first-person shooters.

She’s an Anime fan. She only discovered Gundam a year ago (the franchise began on April 7, 1979, with Mobile Suit Gundam). The story blew her mind with how amazing the story narrative was. She immediately bought a Gundam model kit – and is now addicted!

Venus has a kinkier side to her.

When it comes to sex and kink, she’s much more of a top and soft dom. She also enjoys Shibari (the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage) and cosplay.

She got her big boobs only a few months ago and loved them from the beginning. They are 38DD’s.

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