Alexis D Vyne

Photographer: Vee Soho
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Site: Canada TGirl

Alexis is a gorgeous kink queen, born an lived in Ontario Canada most of her life, Speaks Englis and German. She has been invloved in adult entertaiment for decades total computer and tech geek, she programs and maintains her own adult website!

shes Interested in a variety of thing involving the exploration of sexuality from sensual touch to domination & extreme activities..
A dominant but versatile girl that likes a variety of men depending upon my needs at the time..
Shes an extreme anal expert that enjoys all kinds of intense anal scenes, fisting & extreme toys.. as you can see on her 2nd scene for grooby

The size og her cock alone can be humiliating for alot of men ans she can usually cum 3-5 times a day..

Question is : Are you ready to get experienced by this Canadian-German kinky trans Queen ?

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