Amy Nosferatu

Photographer: Vee Soho
Location: Montreal, Canada
Site: Canada TGirl

She seems silent, she appears calm, she is so damned beautiful, she is the candy that good boys can’t have, but if you could read her sweet perfect body, it says: “The key of Joy is Disobedience”. Astrological sign: Aries, yes with the horns, she is the descendant of Lilith, waiting for you at night in the garden of Eden to give you the Juicy taste of the forbidden fruit, you know you want that joy, her sweet wicked dark eyes, soft pale and cold skin, an ass made in heaven, the feel of her black nails on your skin, her 8 inch rock hard magic wand aimed at you, the enchantress casting a spell on you… and when she enters your dark side, you realise that she IS the forbidden fruit.

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