Celeste Blackheart

Photographer: Vee Soho
Location: Montreal, Canada
Site: Canada TGirl

Hello and welcome on my page , I hope you will like what you see .

To make a brief introduction, my name is Céleste Blackheart. As my name suggests, I have a strong interest towards the universe itself; how it makes me stand in wonder of it all and remind myself to just relax and have fun while we are here .

The ‘Blackheart’ is an obvious reference to the very cute tattoo I have on my right cheek. However, in reverse to most face tattoos, mine means I am very (very ) nice with people. I love and aim to please my partners in any way I can.
Sexually speaking, I am of submissive nature and naturally love to give control away. Collar and leash are a massive turn on for me and right up my alley (vibe checks ~~ ).

Being on my knees, ready to please while collared up, is heaven to me (and hopefully also for the one holding my leash).
Small thing to know about me, I greatly love languages in general and to be very precise in my speech. That extends also to the pleasure of being technically correct. A reminder that I can be (somewhat) of a bitch in and out of bed .

P.S. My favorite band is ‘Poets of the Fall’, but it is not a very well-known band. Someone that already knows the band before meeting me is a major gain of bonus points towards a free bj

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