Johanna Smith

Photographer: Dave Khull
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Site: Euro TGirls

Hello guys how are welcome to my life my name is Johanna. I am a professional beautician and masseuse. I am single and I would like to continue being like this for a long time. I love animals, especially cats. I am a fan of soft toys, I have more than 25 soft toys in my house. My favorite color is green and my lucky number is 15. I like to play sports, every morning I go running with my pink leggings and many guys stare at my ass, I love it. I love to travel and see new places. I like to learn languages. I am very friendly, sincere and generous. I enjoy sex and love. I love horror novels and my favorite writer is Stephen King. I love lying on the sofa with some good popcorn, turning off the light and watching a good movie.

Kisses for everyone 🙂

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