Bella Bunny

Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: West Coast

Hi, I’m Bella Bunny! I’m a Sagittarius and my personality type is INTJ. I’m 5’8”, but my long legs make me seem taller. I grew up on the East Coast and I somehow made my way to the West Coast, I love it here!

I’m just a seductive, submissive, softcore princess. I give you those goth fairy vibes. I have my BFA in Fibers/Textiles and I am currently learning UX Design and DJing. I love to watch the sunset and dance at nightclubs. I am just obsessed with fashion and music. I am probably the biggest night owl you will ever meet, I even have the moon tattooed on my chest.

In my sex life, I love to be the sub bottom. My lips and hole are very pink, it’s my favorite color. I even have a pale, rosy complexion.

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