Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: Seattle, WA
Site: Femout

Oh look, it’s an ElleighBean! Say hello to this fun and feisty little bottom. You’ll be surprised when you find out just how much she can handle. She’s never afraid of a new challenge, and absolutely loves being pushed to her limits.

Elleigh is a 5’7 blue eyed tattooed beauty, weighing 120lbs and is both ready and eager to serve. One of her biggest fantasies is being the center of a gangbang. She just so happens to have an insatiable desire to be used like a toy…

She can be a big brat sometimes too, but outside of sex work she enjoys playing instruments like guitar and bass, playing trading card games, and going on road trips!

Stick around and find out how this cute little goth hottie can make you drool… and more.

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