Erica Cherry

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Site: Femout

Erica Chery is a cute model with a big, veiny cock that she loves to stroke and get sucked. She’s into role play that includes some light BDSM as well as most things she specifically doesn’t dislike.

For example, some kissing is fine, but she doesn’t like to do it too much. Cocks that are too big – like over 8 inches and as thick as a coke can – are not very appealing to her, because she can’t comfortably take them.

She’s about 5’10” with a beautiful butt and amazing, little, soft feet. She also has some very puffy, natural nipples that you know need to be played with and sucked on.

She doesn’t use lube to masturbate, because she still has half her foreskin and she uses that to get off.

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