Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Denver, CO
Site: Femout

Lobelia doesn’t do anything with her butt and is a total top, so I didn’t even shoot my traditional butt shots (Radius), but she came through and delivered a great shoot. She made a big improvement from her first set to the second and I’ll be looking forward to working with her again.

She stands 5’11” and she loves to dominate her partners. She likes to choke, bite, scratch, or basically anything that they want as a submissive. Her favorite positions are doggy and missionary, but like many dominants, she doesn’t enjoy being ridden since she’s not in control.

On the light side, she’s played the piano for 17 years, completely by ear. She can’t read sheet music, but can play anything she hears and that’s amazing to me.

She also likes to play video games like fighting, role playing, and first person shooters. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see that she’s a huge Dragon Ball Z fan.

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