Lola Love

Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: The Pacific Northwest
Site: Femout

Hiii! I’m Lola Love. I’m 5’9 (when I’m not stomping around in gigantic platform boots), 21 years old, having a blast in the Pacific Northwest. Despite the spikes and chains that are staples of my wardrobe, I can be a bit shy at times. But underneath that bashful goth tgirl exterior is an absolute slut. What can I say? I love to show off. Whether I’m getting fucked, sucking cock, plowing ass, or anything else, nothing turns me on more than being told how fucking sexy I am.

When I’m not getting my TLC, I have some pretty nerdy hobbies. I’m a total gamer girl, and am obsessed with building model kits of anime girls and weapon-strapped mechas (and combinations of the two). No matter what I’m doing I’m definitely a whore at heart, and I can’t wait to show off for you.

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