Mystic Black

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Site: Femout

Mystic Black stands 5’7″ and is a proud Leo. She’s here to show you what she’s proud of. Could it be that certain something that somewhat resembles Erica Cherry’s cock?

I think she has a nice ass and thighs. She’s got a foot fetish, so we showed off her soles a bit, and she got into showing them off.

She got those great legs and ass by walking and riding her bike all over the Las Vegas Valley.

She likes to play World of Warcraft, it was one of the first things she mentioned when we met. She plays a Retribution Paladin. “I do a lot of damage… with big hammers.”

She practices percussion every day. She practices freestyle, with songs, and with a metronome. That must also keep her in shape.

Sexually, she’s mainly a bottom and sometimes a power bottom if the situation requires it. She likes futa and BDSM – she’s had fantasies about being bound and gagged. Group play is definitely on the menu, and she likes to be stimulated by sensual play, not just of the genital.

Sounds and smells, in her opinion, are not brought into sexual play enough.

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