Rose The Neko

Photographer: Omar Wax
Location: Texas
Site: Femout

Hey I’m Rose, I’m a sub/switch, I like biting, licking, scratching, and being tied down 😉

Pass times I enjoy are hiking, biking, PC gaming, and VR.

Hope yall like me ^w^

When we started in 2015, it’s goal was to provide a new outlet for us, to both test new models, and give new models a taste of the industry. Grooby Girls has always been our platform for new models, but over the past years we’ve been inundated with applications from girls just starting transition, or ready to do so.

Femout runs at not-for-profit. It’s designed as a first-timer’s site, and those who support this site understand that the models may not be as polished, or as comfortable behind the camera as models on other sites. In five years we’ve certainly accomplished what we intended with our 500th model, ‘Rose the Neko‘, debuting today.

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