Shiny Criostal

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Site: Femout

Shiny Criostal, or just Criostal, is a 5’0″ Gemini girl who was fun to work with and always has a smile on her face. She says that her feet (size 6.5 – 8 US women’s depending on the maker) always get a lot of attention as foot fans want them in their hands and mouth.

She loves video games. She lies MMOs (massively mulit-player online), role playing games, and strategy games. Her current favorite is a phone game called Vega Conflict.

She also enjoys hiking. Nothing too intense, more like calm and leisurely nature walks. If there’s a river, that’s excellent.

She’s an artist as well. Besides drawing and painting, she also creates decorative pieces and tools as a blacksmith. She’s created things like S hooks and C hooks as well as knives and Damascus steel.

Sexually, she’s a switch. Currently she feels more comfortable topping, but she’s getting into bottoming a bit more. Her girlfriend (Skyra Hope on Grooby Girls) has a huge, thick cock that’s around 6.5″ around. So if she’s taking that, she’ll be ready to bottom on camera in no time.

She loves bondage and is a big “pain whore.” Things like spanking, very rough sex, riding crops, and paddles really turn her on!

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