Venus Dream

Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: Pacific Northwest
Site: Femout

Hey everyone, Venus here!!

Had an amazing time filming and would love to come back and show you more. I’m a 22 y/o trans woman from Portland and love gaming, art, anime, animals, and exercising as well as the outdoors! My favorite game series is Zelda and favorite anime is sailor moon. Currently haven’t had any surgery although I have plans in the future.

My height is 5’11, mostly on the thicker side, and consider myself a switch. Although I do love to top I prefer bottoming and being fucked hard. I’m pretty kinky and enjoy bondage, gagging, pet-play, and more that you’ll find out about… hehe~

I was super excited for this sexy shoot and am so happy with how it turned out, I hope you are too!

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