Violet Sakura

Photographer: Vee Soho
Location: Canada
Site: Femout

I’m an eccentric purple kitten princess. I love dancing in public and on a pole, shopping at thrift stores looking for shiny and purple things and doing girly activities w.e. that means lol. Don’t let my dainty demeanor fool you though, im also into board sports (snowboarding, surfing and downhill longboarding) camping in the bush in the back of my Toyota and playing with fire >:3 I started HRT in April 2019 and haven’t looked back except to overthink things that have already happened *nervously laughs. I hope in the future I will have enough things going on that i can be paid to be pretty and not have to work in construction anymore. I’m like a 90/10 switch. Bottoming 90% of the time.

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