Wiki Selai

Photographer: Kalin
Location: Poland
Site: Femout

Hi ^w^ I’m Wiki Selai but I go by Wiki smoll Polish chick thats quiet but don’t let it fool you I’m very slutty, horny, and I love being good pet girl for my friends and owners WOOF!!

I freaking love music, without it my life would be boring, in my free time I play video games my fav one is mass effect 3, dragon age and team fortress 2 :3. But other than games, music or writing projects and cooking :),

I just like acting like silly little goofball that I’m and showing I need to be used by others UwU

But you all more interested in my slutty side and what’s happening in bed >w< I freaking love cuddles! They usually end up in me being a subby little girl that people can do whatever they want. My body is sensitive, and kissing and sloppy kisses turn me on, but playing with my ears or forcing me just turns me into a good puppy. Haha, things I enjoy, feet, guys, or girls and their cocks it just turns me on so much >x<. Also love roleplaying, doggy style sex or just being cuffed and letting others use me how they want. And if you’d like to know, I’m a furry sooo I can be degenerate :333
Nd I like experimenting if it gets my puppy brain attention then I’ll 100% do it :333333

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