Alyssa dé Vil

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Seattle, WA
Site: Grooby Girls

Cute goth chick Alyssa dé Vil stands a towering 5’11” with amazing thickness in all the right places, some bendy feet, and a great ass. I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate her pretty butthole as well.

She like big boots, so she can instantly become an amazon goddess, as well as them matching her goth style.

She loves animals. She has two dogs, as she puts it, are sweet but territorial. They love to chase chickens around the yard.

Something I didn’t expect is that she’s a fighter. She loves martials arts. She’s done boxing and jujitsu.

She says she’s usually the bigger, stronger person in her relationships, but would love to be dwarfed and overpowered. She’s much more of a bottom who needs to be fucked to cum quickly.

Her favorite position is to be on her side with the dick slamming right into her prostate.

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