Bailey Brentwood

Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: Pacific Northwest
Site: Grooby Girls

Hey! I’m Bailey Brentwood, a 5’11”, trans girl born and raised in the PNW. I obviously love sex, usually as a bottom, but I’ve been known to play around as a top too, and believe it or not I’ve long aspired to do porn! Dress up and have lots of fun fucking around (literally), what’s not to love? It feels great to show myself off, and I’ve always had an affinity for photo and video, so it really works out perfect. Besides all that, I’m a total nerd. I like staying in to game, research, build dioramas, play dnd, and come up with the worst puns ever. If I’m honest, I usually do it all naked too, except of course dnd!

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