Dahlia Doom

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Denver, CO
Site: Grooby Girls

Dahlia_DOOM is a 6’1″ Pisces who did an excellent job during her shoot. She describes herself as an Amazonian goddess, so it’s safe to say that she loves her height. 

She loves to hike. Walking down trails and enjoying the beauty of nature compels her Amazonian spirit. 

She enjoys rock climbing. It gives her freedom to be up so high. It makes her feel like she’s towering over people. 

She loves working on cars. Like myself, she’s a fan of BMWs. Her favorite car is her 135i.

She’s a top-leaning verse because she likes to be in control. However, she loves to be dominated as well. BDSM is a big kink of hers’. 

Doggy position is her favorite to be fucked in, but she prefers to top people in missionary. 

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