Genesis Green

Photographer: Buddy Wood
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Site: Grooby Girls

“I recently competed as the first transwoman boxer in the 2022 USIBA National tournament 🙂 no hiding my identity, no being in the closet. I was open and PROUD about who I am!”


Welcome to this dynamic and exciting newbie. Genesis has a great look, and an even better smile (something that goes a long way with this site owner) – and it’s not hard to see where her moniker comes from, we’ve not seen many girls with that color hair on the site. This 24 year old Filipina from Los Angeles looks awesome.

She’s kitted herself out for this first set in some ripped fishnet stockings and a jade colored basque which showcases her full figure, thick thighs and rather magnificent ass.

Watch her get harder and more excited, the more she shows!

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