Gigi Ravine

Photographer: KilaKali
Location: Louisville, KY
Site: Grooby Girls

I’m digging this young lady a lot! Photographed by KilaKali in Kentucky on his recent road trip, Gigi is a tall, lean 30 year old with everything going on in all the right places. She’s got a lovely body, with perfectly sized breasts for her frame and pink perky nipples, a sweet, smooth long and hard cock – pink at the end and matching smooth pink balls, and a baby smooth ass with a perfectly delicious hole.

But what I love about Gigi is that smile, it’s cheeky, it’s fun and it’s inviting and I believe Gigi would be exactly like her photos, a fun, cheeky, sexy and gorgeous girl who loves using her body to have a great time. I’m hoping for an invite.

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