Kenzi Hale

Photographer: Radiuis Dark
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Kenzi is a very tall girl (6’1″ minimum), but she’s a total submissive bottom who’s recently embraced becoming fully bisexual. She did say that she’s open to topping women, but I can’t see it!

She loves to get fucked and is very vocal about it, both during and outside of sex. Her dirty talk is excellent, and she seems to turn herself way on with it.

Her shoot with Chris Epic is the first time she’s been fucked by a guy on camera.

She’s a singer with full voice training who sings in alto. She was a touring musician and, I’m sure, has some crazy stories from backstage and on the road.

She is a big fan of professional wrestling. She describes it as sex work as being like pro wrestling with more orgasms!

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