Alicia Autumns

Photographer: Vee Soho
Location: Montreal, Canada
Site: TGirl PostOp

Hi I’m Alicia Autumns I’m a post-op t-girl from Montreal Canada, I love writing and programming. Going out shopping, to the movies, and trying out speakeasies everywhere I go to find the best cocktails.

I’m someone who matches others’ energy. So if you’re flirty, I’ll be flirty back. If you dom, I’ll submit. But if you submit, I’ll dom you. That’s the beauty of being a switch. I’ve been a good girl doing what you say and a mommy that makes you kneel.
My desire is to shoot with as many transgirl models out there.
I have fantasies of being part of a group fuck and being passed around and used by all parties involved.
I love a partner who knows what they like and flirt with me constantly. Puts me in the mood.

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