Persephone Pitstop

Photographer: Kalin
Location: London, UK
Site: TGirl PostOp

“Persephone Pitstop is a trans model and burlesque dancer from Cardiff, Wales, who started adult performing in 2018, soon after her gender confirmation surgery, and hasn’t looked back.

After so long of feeling awful in her own body, the confidence she now gets being naked and free to express herself is overwhelming. Also, it has finally given her the opportunity to bring her very eclectic collection of kinks to a wider audience, including vampires, robot fetishism, wetlook, messy, bondage, clothing destruction, mummification, and all things skintight but especially sheer nylon, which she’s loved for years for its beautiful, sensuous, more-naked-than-naked quality.

Indeed, though she shoots in many genres, she will often find an excuse to get completed encased in silky nylon, and lose all self-control…”

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