Alaska XO

Photographer: Kalin
Location: London, UK
Site: UK TGirls

Hey babes this is Alaska!

During the day I’m a data scientist and at night I’m a goat throat princess, with a mouth pussy to back it up!

My favourite kind of sex is passionate, intimate, sweaty and a little loud. And eye contact please!

My fav sex positions are head down ass up doggy, prisoner, doggy, standing prisoner and doggy.

Im a Sagittarius, so Im always a good time, playful, hella kinky and a good kind of chaos.

My sex-philosophy in choosing a partner is – vibes is necessary, foreplay is a must, and rimming is non-negotiable. So far, so good… wink

So, wanna come with me to Alaska land? ♡

P/S – I’m not from Alaska

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