Gemma Gatsby

Photographer: Kalin
Location: London, UK
Site: UK TGirls

I’m Gemma Gatsby, Welsh Transgender Princess & Weaponiser of Femininity. and you are here to be my new plaything. How deep down the rabbit hole will we go?
I can be anything you want me to be:
Your baby girl, spoiled bratty princess, your Mistress or your dirty little secret. Just remember, even if you think you are in charge, I always get my own way, I live and breathe kink plus mind fucking. I’ve yet to find someone who can fully tame me!
I am highly educated, successful and have spent my whole life manipulating men to get what I want. Why would you be any different? So, come on, what are you waiting for? I can be your friendly girl-next-door and listen to your problems and fantasies, or I can be a bratty bossy trans bitch and tell you what a sissy loser you are. I’m so happy to be on Grooby and let you have just a little taste of what I am 🙂

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