Shiva Hanazono

Photographer: Omar Wax
Location: San Antonio, TX
Site: Femout

Shiva Hanazono is a sexy Dominican from San Antonio, Tx. She is currently receiving HRT from the veterans affairs hospital, served 4 years in the Air Force, and deployed to war at the age of 23. After her military career she decided to travel to Asia to find herself and begin her transition while living in Tokyo, Japan. Her travels led her to Thailand where she immersed herself into the culture and lives of the transgender women who live freely in what she describes as “an accepting” society. As her time in Asia came to an end she returned to America and eventually settled in her hometown of San Antonio. She is an artist who practices music, singing, and choreography learned from her travels in Asia. She also enjoys gaming online, and has a reserved personality and keeps to their home outside of work. During sex she has the ability to draw from her maturity to help match her partner in bed and does not shy away from what she believes is natural. She enjoys giving blowjobs, receiving anal, giving handjobs, kissing, and is open to sexual experiences that bring her closer to her partner(s). She prefers the submissive role in bed. She hopes to create a bridge for the younger generation to be accepted by their peers in love and relationships, by performing her all in sex and inspiring people to love transgender women like her. She also hopes her career would bring her closer to being the woman she dreams she can be. Her greatest wish is to live a beautiful life, and it shows in her choice of career to bare and expose her all. She hopes to have a breast augmentation in the future and is undecided about what to do with her cock as of the present.

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