Sylvie Sommers

Photographer: Radius Dark
Location: Seattle, WA
Site: Femout
Sylvie Sommers

Sylvie is 6’2″ with a super thick cock and a super thick ass to go with it. She had a lot of fun doing the shoot. She says being tall is excellent for many things, like being the big spoon. She’d like to be the little spoon a bit more.

She has gotten into making dance music since she likes to go out dancing. She goes out to drag bars with her friends.

She enjoys making food the same way she likes making music. Creating concoctions from scratch is her thing. For example, she makes her own syrups and sweeteners for drinks.

Sexually she’s a switch. She really likes pet play and leather. She has a harness and a collar that her partner really likes using on her.

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