Luna Logan

Photographer: Moe Scoville
Location: Seattle, WA
Site: Bob's TGirls

Howdy!!! I am the debaucherous fun-loving entity known as Luna Logan! I’m 6’1 (oh gosh oh gee so tall uwu), 20 years old, I’m from a lil farm down in the southeast, and now I’m stompin’ around up in the PNW makin my mark and raising hell! Though my striking red hair and tall stature often make me stand out like a sore thumb, I’m actually quite shy and modest- at first. I like nerd shit like studying mycology n blasting music n playing dune with friends (cuz gotta have a personality outside of porn c;)- but press my buttons just right and you’ll see a whole new side of me that only comes out after dark. I’m what I like to call “a big tuff top until proven otherwise”. And by that I mean – if you wanna fool around with me, be confident you can overpower n dominate me- breaking through my brattiness and using my ass to milk your cockā€¦ unless maybe you wanna end up being the one who gets used and bred like a good lil cocksleeve.

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